Nguyễn Văn Sở: Well-earned retirement

BBT trang mạng VĂN HOÁ VỤ xin giới thiệu bài viết dưới đây đã được đăng trên về anh Nguyễn Văn Sở, cựu Gs TVBQGVN nhân dịp anh sẽ nghỉ hưu vào năm 2012 ở tuổi 73, sau 22 năm dạy môn Anh văn  tại Orange Coast College (Hoa Kỳ).

BBT VHV  thân kính chúc anh Sở những ngày nhàn hạ, tự tại trong tương lai.


Well-earned retirement
OCC English instructor will leave a legacy of ‘tough love’ as he retires
Ava Amiri, Staff Writer
Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:00 pm

So Nguyen, 73, will be retiring after 22 years of teaching at OCC. Photo by Ava Amiri

Some might call Orange Coast College English as a Second Language teacher So Nguyen a survivor

He survived the Vietnam War as a young man and he survived open heart surgery and stomach cancer later in life

Perhaps as a reward, and certainly as a respite, Nguyen, 73, will retire from OCC at the end of the semester after 22 years teaching here

A native of Vietnam, Nguyen said it was his elementary school teachers who served as his role models and encouraged him to become a teacher

“Going to a French Catholic school in Vietnam, I would see the teachers and they slowly became my role models and I admired what they did,” Nguyen said

He added that the Catholic brothers who ran his high school were a source of admiration for him

From his admiration for the Catholic brothers who ran his high school to knowing he had to make a good life for his family, Nguyen was faced with challenges along the way

“In my country of Vietnam, it was a constant struggle for survival since being enlisted in the war. I had to give my children a chance of a better education, so I knew I had to escape and that’s when I decided to come to America,” Nguyen said

In addition to his years at OCC, Nguyen has taught at multiple institutes in Vietnam as an English teacher and in America as a professor at the UCLA undergraduate program

After multiple years of teaching, Nguyen said he looks forward to relaxing his body and mind

Students say they will miss Nguyen’s presence on campus

“Professor Nguyen is one of those teachers that you can love because he is so good at what he does but at the same time you can hate him for the same reason. He is big on tough love in his teaching,” Nguyen’s student Auristelia Ayala said

The same tough love may have helped Nguyen through the trials and tribulations he has seen since he began teaching in 1960

In 1995 Nguyen had open-heart surgery and twelve years later was diagnosed with stomach cancer

Nguyen now proudly calls himself a cancer survivor

“Since he is retiring, all of his students and I will be treating every day of his class as a celebration of his teaching career, because we know it will be our last days with him,” Ayala said

Nguyen has taken up some hobbies that he hopes to continue in his retirement, such as art photography

“I have a Canon camera and all the equipment. I have been shooting in deserts, national parks, mountains and valleys,” Nguyen said

While Nguyen plans to pursue different hobbies after retirement, students praise him for the expertise he has already mastered as an English teacher.

“In my opinion, Professor Nguyen is the best at teaching grammar. He gave me the confidence I needed after taking his class,” his student Henry Hoang said.


One thought on “Nguyễn Văn Sở: Well-earned retirement

  1. Anh Sở vừa mới qua đời lúc 4:00pm chiều hôm nay, Jan. 23, 2014 tại bệnh viện Hoag, Los Angeles.
    Xin thành phân ưu cùng chị Sở và tang quyến.

    Vũ Anh Tuấn,
    Bạn đồng nghiệp tại Trường Sinh Ngữ Quân Đội năm xưa

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